28 Ideas for Giving Back to Your Community | #DoGooderMay

check out #dogoodermay on Instagram to check out our community's posts!

check out #dogoodermay on Instagram to check out our community's posts!

Just like that, May is almost gone, and all month long we've been encouraging our c'mon community to make an extra effort to give back to their communities. We're entering the final week of #DoGooderMay and have come up with 28 ideas ways to give back that you can fit into your already-busy week. Each idea takes between 10-80 minutes, so we hope they'll be do-able, no matter how full the calendar already is. 


  1. Educate yourself on the problem your favorite nonprofit is trying to solve, and watch their ABOUT video. For bonus points, text 3 friends about what you discover and spread the education even further. Awareness is everything! This should take 15 minutes, max.

  2. Share about your favorite nonprofit or cause on social media. Tell your community why it matters to you. This should take 5 minutes, max.

  3. Write a note of gratitude to the founder of your favorite nonprof. They’re busting their butts every single day, so let’s tell them we see them and why we love them so much! Then, actually mail it or hit 'send' on the email. This should take 20 minutes, max.

  4. Donate a one-time donation of $10 to your favorite nonprof and make your own smoothie or cocktail at home today. This should take 8 minutes, max.

  5. Sign up for the Goodnewsletter and post about it on Facebook and / or Insta. Every Tuesday, you’ll get an email with 5 good things happening in the world. It’ll make your week! Commit to actually reading this email when it lands in your inbox. This should take 5 minutes, max.

  6. Give blood! Donating blood through the Red Cross take about an hour, and literally gives life! You can write emails while you wait, or better yet, chat with someone and make their day. This should take 80 minutes, max.

  7. Do a wave of spring cleaning and instead of selling your things online, donate your clothes to your local shelter. This should take 80 minutes, max.

  8. Volunteer by speaking at a local school.

  9. Meet with a local creative who looks up to you.

  10. Reach out to three people who have impacted your life and tell them how much you appreciate them.

  11. Start recycling and or making more planet-conscious choices when buying household products.

  12. Donate a session to a non-profit’s silent auction.

  13. Self-love! Treat yourself to a massage or yoga or ice cream and/or all the above!

  14. Go vote! There’s probably a local election in your area sometime this month! Make your voice heard and go vote! And if there’s not an election, read and get informed about an election/candidates being voted upon soon!

  15. Donate a percentage of your income [for a week/month/year] to your favorite charity. We love Justice Rising and the way they are building schools in conflict zones around the world like Iraq, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo!

  16. Plan a Volunteer abroad. Seek out opportunities through organizations like United Planet and GVI.

  17. Challenge yourself to share only positive news on social media for a week.

  18. Step up your hug game. Be generous with your hugs by extending them to 20 seconds or longer in order to give and receive a nice oxytocin flow!

  19. Notice someone begging for money or food on your way to the grocery store? Pick up extra peanut butter + jelly ingredients for them. Ask them how they’re doing and how you can support.

  20. Small gifts as a way to say “I see you.” Bake cookies, buy a cheery balloon, or pick up a coffee tab for a person in your life who is having a rough time. Little acts of kindness can feel big in the moment.

  21. Write down a list of things you’re good at and what you’re passionate about. Then write down a list of your concerns for the future. Where those things merge is where you can find your own ideal method of giving back.

  22. Be a Peacemaker: make peace with a person in your world, with whom there's been a disconnection with in the past. Call 'em, be loving.

  23. Write a Note: write out a note to each of your neighbours, encouraging them and reaching out, then drop it off in their letterboxes. Can be anonymous if you want, but signing it and making it personal also leads to better connections.

  24. Pay it Forward: go to a restaurant or diner for a meal, pick out a table, and pay for their bill. Write a note saying something like, "I decided to gift you your meal today, just because life is better when we give. I hope you know you matter. If you feel inspired by this, feel free to pass along this type of giving sometime soon. Much love, Giver." give the note to the waiter so he can pass it on to the patron.

  25. Donate Your Skills: identify someone who could really use what you 'do', reach out to them and gift it, no strings attached.

  26. Watch the Meter: next time you go somewhere where you have to street park, leave the house 15 minutes early. When you park and pay the meter, walk down the street with extra quarters and fill any meters that are running out - just because.

  27. Feed! Get together with some friends and make some food together that is transportable, like sandwiches. Go to the part of town where you know you will find displaced persons and offer them a free meal together.

  28. Make A New Friend. Get personal, put yourself out there, go find someone on the street who seems hungry, may be even down and out, and ask if they'd like to join you for a meal on you at a nearby diner.

Are you inspired by any of these ideas? Follow along and share your experience by using the hashtag #dogoodermay. We'll be posting about things we're up to, and also hearing from some of our C'mon veterans who have volunteer stories and experiences to share with us and inspire us all. Happy giving!