C'Motown: Our Detroit Event Recap!


C’Mon Team descended on "Motorcity","The D", "Motown" from all over the US last week. Team members from as far as Los Angeles and as nearby as just down the road came together in a bright loft in the New Center neighborhood to make some magic happen for three incredible Detroit based non-profits.

Let’s introduce you to everyone! Our C'mon Team pods, the non-profits + founders and the stories we were able to tell for them. On this post we're going to switch it up from our Seattle recap, which featured the day-to-day of our process, and instead show you each project from start to finish and then end the post with some images from our reveal celebration!


Story by: Sabrina Hounshell


First up! Mr. Jayden Lee. He was our music composer extraordinaire the entire week and we are so grateful for his talent and dedication to giving all our video projects a unique musical direction. Listen for his talent when you watch each video.


Wyn Wiley- Team Leader + Videography
Heather Jowett- Content
Meghan Kindsvater- Website Design + Photography
Jordan Butler- Graphic Design
Abbey Moore- Photography



Rock CF is a community THOUSANDS strong changing the face of what living with Cystic Fibrosis looks like and giving those living with CF the tools to not only survive, but thrive.



In 2004 Emily got the idea to bring awareness to Cystic Fibrosis by throwing a rock show for her friends, a few years later in 2007 Rock CF was born.   

What began as one woman on a mission to educate her peers through some banging drums and guitar licks has now, a decade later, evolved into a multi faceted organization inspiring people living with CF to lead more healthy lifestyles and bringing awareness about CF to the metro Detroit community at large.  Rock CF is empowering individuals with CF to live healthy lifestyles, through their Kicks Back Program, race sponsorships, and nutrition coaching.  Their annual Half Marathon in Detroit, and apparel line has helped to fund research through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Rock CF is heightening awareness and making sure that an illness that often goes unseen, doesn’t get forgotten.


Rock CF was in need of some big help to take their goals to the next level! They were in need of a website face lift, so Heather wrote new copy and Jordan designed some beautiful info graphic as well as designed clothing tags for some of their wonderful merchandise. You can check the ROCK CF FOUNDATION WEBSITE by clicking on the link.

In addition to the website our photo and video team spent days documenting Emily's office and home life, the Rock CF staff, did a complete lifestyle session for their merchandise, a run for CF and followed three amazing CF athletes.



We want to give a huge shout out to the Rock CF staff who hosted us at their restaurant GATHER on Monday evening! We loved getting to share a meal together in your beautiful space and the food.was.DELICIOUS!


Krista Welch- Team Leader + Photography
Robert Ingraham- Videography
Cass Neihaus- Photography
Stephanie Baker- Photography



We are Humble Design, a non-profit helping families transitioning out of homeless shelters by providing furnishings and design services. We turn their empty house into a clean, dignified and welcoming home. It's a very simple idea that can change a family's future.



Treger co-founded Humble Design in 2009 with Ana Smith. It all began with one previously homeless family in need of home furnishings. Now, Humble Design services up to three families a week and is striving to help all who need them. Over the last seven years, they have fully furnished more than 700 homes in Detroit for families in need. Of the families Humble Designs has helped there is a 99% success rate.


Humble Designs already has an amazing website and team that works like a well oiled machine. So they really needed some imagery and video content that showed their process from start to finish!

The process begins by with an interview and walk through of the home. During this process Humble learns the family's story and asks about their preferences when it comes to style and decorating- this means colors they prefer, things the kids are interested, etc. The smallest details are considered to make a house feel like a HOME. Within 3 days, the home is furnished by Humble Designs warehouse and decorated with intention and care. The Humble team often makes custom artwork, paints the walls and repaints furniture to give the home a cohesive feel. For children, they also hang a work of art above their bed with their name on it, so they know the bed is theirs. The reveal of the home can be the most moving, like with this family, where the kids couldn't believe that this was their new place to live.


C'Mon Team was also able to check in with 3 success stories from Humble Designs services. Photos from those visits are below! It's so wonderful to see families thriving and taking ownership of their home spaces.

It takes a huge team to pull off furnishing three homes a week. Each and every staff member of Humble Designs got a new headshot. It's amazing to see what can happen with the hearts and talent of so many people.


Caroline Lee- Team Leader + Social Media + Photography
Sabrina Hounshell- Photography
Chelsea Marine- Website + Photography
O’Malley Marshall- Photography + Website
Allie Cross- Videography



We are a leading model of urban organic waste recovery and reuse in Detroit.

Detroit Dirt processes food waste, green waste, spent grains, and herbivore manures to make high quality compost using an aerobic process. We recycle resources to increase awareness and actions leading to a more sustainable community through the soil.

We are all connected through the soil.



Pashon Murray has a drive for waste reduction, recycling, and reuse of materials. She is helping to change the carbon footprint of Detroit through revitalizing neighborhoods, finding solutions for everyday waste, and eliminating trips to the landfill through composting.

In 2010 Murray started Detroit Dirt, a local composting and waste collection company that specializes in providing a sustainable option for the metro Detroit community. Detroit Dirt’s closed-loop model process was designed by Murray to help revitalize Detroit and educate on sustainable practices.


Pashon has had a lot of big press opportunities but even with all the exposure she us ultimately in need of capital to grow Detroit Dirt's site for more compost processing and was virtually absent on social media. C'Mon Team came in and followed the entire cycle of the composting process in Detroit from the two biggest donators of the waste, General Motors and the Detroit Zoo, to the Detroit Dirtcompost site, to Goodwill Greenworks where the compost is packaged up for commercial sale. General Motors purchases the compost from Detroit Dirt for their rooftop garden and landscaping. The plants are harvested and used in GM restaurants and the cycle begins again! It was really incredible to see how the cycle is sustainable and involves so many different players within the Detroit community.

Pashon is so driven and passionate about composting that we hope her NEW WEBSITE serves her in getting more donations and commercial sales so that she can expand Detroit Dirt's compost site, include more local businesses in their waste donation, and branch out into more speaking and educational opportunities. In addition to image content of the Detroit Dirt cycle we also set Pashon up with a wealth of new headshots and portraits for future speaking engagements.



We work hard AND play hard. We've completed all of the projects (shown for each non-profit above from start to finish), told the stories we came to tell, spent nights on half inflated air mattresses and days crouched over computers- so on the final evening we


A HUGE THANK YOU to Jesse Green and the Lunar North team for letting us showcase our final work and dance.it.out. in your incredible space above Detroit! Thank you to Mammoth Booth for indulging our love of photo booths, punch faces and ugly faces. Thank you to D.J. Derek from The Block Party Detroit for throwing us a rad dance party (though you still owe us 16 encore songs! ;) )

All the team members from Michigan were SO excited to welcome us to their home state and for us to get to explore Detroit, a city that’s often judged and misunderstood. They want us to see the magic of the city they all love.

Let me tell you- every person we met was so genuine, the buildings and architecture a constant surprise and I we all left with a little more love for the city of Detroit. THANK YOU to all the non-profits for welcoming us in, sharing your stories and trusting us to create something for you.

3 days.

15 amazingly talented volunteers.

3 nonprofits that love on the local community so hard.

3 new websites including photographs, social media guides, and promotional videos created in less than 72 hours by our volunteers.

Local small businesses and individuals pitching in to help how they could.

1 downright delightful dance party.

All in the spirit of community and collaboration.


"Detroit is a place where we've had it pretty tough. But there is a generosity here and a well of kindness that goes deep"
- Mitch Albom


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